"तन समर्पित मन समर्पित । चाहता हूँ देश की धरती तुझे कुछ और भी दूँ ॥
( 25th JULY 1906 TO 26th AUGUST 1998 )
=> Panditjee, a dynamo of energy, a true son of the soul, a visionary par- excellence, a great educationist with deep knowledge of the world and its way one, Who had seen many ups and down in the eventful life,
had all potentiality and acumen, respected and admired by all. =>The immortal status he has evidently gained
through Kutir Sansthan, would serve for us as a lighthouse to a disappointed sailor in tg tempestuous sea of life.
=>A man without ambition is a man without image, even without character. We can not think of Kutir Sansthan without thinking of Panditjee. A life of action is the essence of the whole mankind, without it, freedom from birth and death is altogether unimaginable.
- Ironically, the clutches of time seized this saintly father figure from us in the bleck gloomy hours of August 26th ,1998. It is a colossal loss to the Kuttir family.
( c ) KUTTIR P G C 2009-10
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